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Hii! If you still need beta readers, I wouldn't mind helping! I hope you feel better


Yay a new update! (/◕ヮ◕)/ I played this game like a month ago and I loved it but then I checked that it hadn’t been updated in a while and thought it was abandoned(T▽T).So glad it’s not!I can’t wait to see more! :>


My health sometimes forces me to not work on this for months at a time. But I'm happy that I was able to deliver this update.

Thank s for reading!


glad to see another update ! hope you're feeling better now .

Thanks! I've been feeling better overall.


really nice update ! I can't wait to see the rest of the game, now that we have all the characters !
Also, was nice in the beginning to have all the different mornings depending on what branch you were on.
Wishing you the best !


Thank you!

Doing the branches was really tough. I'm glad people are playing different paths so they can see all the different versions of the story!

Hi, I'm wondering if there's a way to make the Avatars larger? I'm afraid I'm having difficulty distinguishing them while reading. Which is a pity since they look great.


I love my avatars, but if I make them bigger, the text will be super squished on mobile, I think. I'll try to see if I can enhance a few pixels.

I picked different colored boxes to help distinguish characters during gameplay. Don't them help you?


Hi, I really loved the game and was wondering if the ummm romance point system? has any influence on the story, thanks.

Great job on the writing, definitely one of the better games on here, wish one day I can play this game through the final chapter. (Do what you want tho Im not even paying to play this game)


BTW Marky has me dead, who doesn't like a dom, hunky, sorta yandere/tsundere childhood bestfriend (obsessive bully version) trope


The point system hasn't really influenced gameplay so far. It will, though. 

Until now I have been busy introducing the world and characters. The next update will introduce the last main character.

After that, the points you accumulated will be used to figure out where to go from there and what choices are available. (If you're too submissive, you can't pick option X. If Marky has less than Y points, you can't choose him... etc.)

I want to give leeway to readers in the first few chapters to test the waters and have fun with different characters, before solidifying their choices.


Is this still being continued?


It is! But it's very hard and painful for the dev to write cause of his health issues. You can see him talk about it in discord!


I am currently writing the next update. I'm about 25% done. Unfortunately I cannot give a precise date for when it will be done but I am working on it, I promise.

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this is soooo beautiful thank you very much!! Both routes are super hot.


Thanks for reading!


I feel like you read my mind creating this game. Being used by a bunch of powerful men is right up my alley. It is so hot, and so well written. I'm not a fan of the amount of homophobia in it. I understand it's part of the story, but it's pretty jarring in an otherwise riveting read. I can't wait to read more...this game is really keeping me up at night.


I get that the homophobia might be upsetting to some but it is part of the kink. Being mistreated in all forms, including homophobic language abuse. I'm sorry to hear it bothers you.

I'm writing the next update, but can't give a date yet.

Thanks Alex, I still love reading it, and will obediently wait for more of your wonderful words. They are quite stimulating.

How do people make these text-based games?


if you mean what program do they use, a lot of them use Twine :)

This is made using Twine / Sugarcube


Hi Dev! Thanks so much for making this game! I mean it...

I really can't think anything to say more than generic stuff, but they are really genuine... You're the best for making this game...

Please, let me make another comment in the future with some really decent and original compliments... It's the least you deserve for all you have done in this game...

Also, talking about the public release, what path can I take to get the roughest scenes? I really like to obey them, but I also like to be very rude and rude to myself... Why can I have both? Haha...


Aw, thank you for the compliments! And sorry for the answering delay.

Also, the roughest scenes right now aren't the best for future gameplay. As in, getting them upset at you isn't the best for the main character in building a relationship with those guys.

If you act like a bitch, you'll be treated like a bitch, but they won't like you anymore lol so yeah, I get what you mean.


The roughest scenes are all in Chapter IV:

- throwing Marky off when he climbs atop you during his path;

- hugging Tyler in the shower also during his path;

- there's a rough game over scene if you put on your dirty clothes right after going to Tyler's room.

anyone know how to get the "true end?"

Hey, so, there's no "true end" yet since the story is not over.

If you're talking about Tyler's"true path" on chapter IV, it's:


Escape and beg Tyler

Get up and follow

Put on Latex

Start Posing (pick only the Pink poses)

Yes, desperately want

How long 

Stop sucking and look up

Tyler approaches


Yes (but he won't hold it against you if you leave the tub, I know watersports is not for everyone)

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So late Feb for the update still seem right?
And ngl this is so hot and well written like damn.

Also wanted to point out: while works like a charm on my ipad, shows fatal error on my laptop and phone (android).

thanks for the compliment!

late feb doesn't seem right anymore. I'm currently avoiding technology because of my health thing. probably mid march if I get better in two weeks or so.

as for the error, I've noticed that happens on private tabs or browsers with disabled cookies. make sure cookies are properly enabled.


How deep does your intentions for the kink scenes go if you don't mind my asking? I really enjoy a huge spectrum of the kink world so I am just wanting to know how far you are willing to take it?

Can you be a bit more specific? I am not sure exactly what you're asking so I'll just talk about it broadly.

I plan to add some kinks and delve further into kinks I've already introduced. 

The main kink of the game is humiliation and all kinks are permeated and introduced through that particular prism. 

Off the top of my head, I plan to add: sex toys (specifically buttplugs but probably dildos), body worshipping, sweat, armpit, spitting, bondage. Also, some more aggressive kinks, like spanking, choking and some fighting as well. I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff.

I'm not some sort of BDSM expert, so it won't be a realistic take on it (aftercare will not be a part of it, for instance, maybe a bit with Haruki, because he's the "nice one".)

Does that answer your question?


It answered my questions thank you. It took me a while but I saw the watersports kink with Tyler, and I personally would love to see that go a further level of degredation/humiliation ie making the character drink down. Perhaps adding it in to the options for others as well. But really whatever you decide is gonna be great, I can already tell just from what you have already. Thanks for taking the time to respond.


Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it.

There will be piss drinking in the future, but I will build up to it. MC is a virgin. It would feel like too much for him to swallow in his first experience with watersports.

That's definitely fair. Thanks again.


Love the game, any news about the next update


Thanks! It usually takes me a while to finish an update. Next one will probably be late February.


take as much time as u want, this is really fascinating and can't wait to see what's next


This game is fucking hot! Like, I am usually not into degradation and stuff, but this game is making me change my mind


glad to be bringing one more person to the dark side. welcome! we have cookies chains and stuff.

cool and all but i'm still laughing over calling the urethra a "piss slit".

was there some sort of censoring going on here? lol


English is not my first language. I've seen that expression in other works and I assumed it was normally used in the english speaking world. 

Also, I don't think urethra is a word Marky would say (or know the meaning of; he kinda dumb).

you're right, i can't imagine Marky saying that, dude is too focused on torturing Alex to even be focusing on his studies.


'Piss slit' is a common enough term in Britain, at least. 'Urethra' is quite technical and rarely used in common, non-medical, conversation.


heeheheheh i really really enjoy this and its kinda funny ngl or its prob me who cant take sexual scene seriously lmao

when mark force u to change i thought he's gonna force a maid costume on u 


I'm glad you like it, even if you find the sex scenes funny (there are some jokes peppered here and there, but it's not a funny game overall). What matters is that you enjoyed it lol

And a maid costume would be too sissy for my taste. I'm not a fan, so no sissyfication in my game.


well it's a great game i could say a diamond in the rough so compliment to the chef.

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Really enjoyed Marky's route so far as a sub degradee x///x 

He's an asshole and I hate love him

The story's so good-

I drew a quick lil somethin', somethin' cuz' I'm a loser 

hope to see more updates, you da man [-• < -] /

Marky, Bruh
I'm a loser for drawing this but I still hope it does him justice

OMG I wish I could like this a thousand times. I love it! You for sure did him justice, I love the style and horns and bloody Y and everything. Thanks for sharing the drawing. You really made my day!


Where are the emojis!?!?  I need to put like 100 hearts on this.  Wow!  


Man, just found out about this game and its really great. As a sub, your writing really spoke to me on that route. Hope to see more uptades soon, good job xD


It's cool to know other subs like the degrading tone of my writing! Thanks for reading


you used sims lol


If you know a good artist willing to work for free, I'm open to it. I can't draw for shit.


You’ve done such a great job with this game! You should be really proud!


Thanks! It really is a labor of love


this game has to be my favourite on all the site- the writing is amazing and the story is super good xx


♥ awwww, thank you! I try my best to deliver something good.


I really liked Marky and Tyler, can't wait for the next update!


I cackled at the meme when I first saw it (couldn't reply then because sick). People making memes about my game, what an honor.


When will be next update ? Looking forward for tyler and haruki routes


Sorry it took forever (being sick sucks), but it's here


When can we expect the update :(

Sorry it took forever (being sick sucks), but it's here


boo! this so far is really really good, I have only done this sub so far, but I completely love this, compared to everything else I've been playing recently(guess I've played a lot of the good ones already) this is the best, there is one that is close but its mainly cos it has a lot of my kinks

Thanks for the kind compliments haha. It's nice to know people get my cruel streak when it comes to erotica.


Just asking, will we be able to dominate marky in the Dom route?


Short answer: yes.

Long answer: yes, but it's going to take a little while. It wouldn't make sense from a narrative standpoint for naturally submissive MC to do a 180 personality wise and dominate already dommy Marky in chapter IV. MC first has to grow into a dom role and then he'll be able to turn the tables on Marky. I'm actually very excited to get there.


Nice! And I'm excited too. Also Keep up the good work!👍


I need more Tyler stuff please love this game


Tyler is turning out to be quite a fan favorite, which I wasn't really expecting!


Damn, made it to the end of the dominating route. Looking forward to updates, this is shockingly well written for a smut game. Usually they're not great, honestly, but a big fan of this one. Hope to see the dom route expanded!


Thanks for the compliment! Next update will be focused on the dom path in chapter IV. The doms didn't get much in 0.2, but they'll get it in 0.2b.

dosent seem to work on google chrome


I opened it on Chrome on both my phone (Android) and PC. It works here. Is it up to date? Maybe try another browser.


I figured it out you have to allow all cookies on chrome for it to work but thanks for the idea to update chrome.

So far so good. I like how we can choose a dom or sub route. My only complaint is the MC looks exactly like James Charles. 

kek. that was unintentional.


This is really good and I kinda like markey a little bit.


does this guy have the accounts on other platforms or like a blog to patreon ?


Hey, you can find me on this Discord channel. I'm also on F95.



I find it adorable that this entire site thinks female perverts don't exist.


I'm a gay guy writing a gay game for gay readers. I'm sure pervy women also make games catered to women readers.


Very nice game so far. Can't wait for it to be expanded upon.

Thank you! New update is out!


Very good Sub Story so far love it <3


Thank you, I also love sub paths


Awesome game!   Need to get a cover image because people judge games by their covers.  

I don't,  because I'm cool.   


Sorry to bring this up, but. Did your mother agree with you being cool? Or, the times we say that convinced you? hahah

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My mother still does not think I am cool.  Thanks for  bringing  up that painful memory.  She called me the other day to assure me that I still have time to do something with my life,

Cover images are fundamental. Also fundamental: not using Comic Sans.

The Comic Sans never went live.  Will you never let me live that down?

...fine, I won't mention it again. Promise.


Love this so far!

Thanks! Hope you enjoy the update